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Fan noise sleep sounds for sleep aid. Bedtime sleep fan app with box fan noise. Download Fan Noise - Bedtime fan sounds Apk in Apps Lifestyle

Get to sleep in 20 minutes or less with Bedtime Sleep Fan noise. Get high quality deep sleep in no time with the best Fan Noise - Bedtime fan sounds app out there !!

Fan Noise - Bedtime fan sounds provides an ambience of calm fan sounds which leads to a comfortable sleep. A good sleep boosts the next day’s energy and gives positivity to your whole day. This fan sound app has a variety of sleep fan sounds so that you can choose from multiple options.

This sleep fan sounds app helps you fall asleep faster, get high quality deep sleep, relieve stress and wake up fresh.

Perfect for:
* Sleep aid fan
* Relaxing
* Noise masking
* Reduce stress
* Focusing
* Calming your mind
* Studying
* Soothing sound for baby
* Alternative for white noise fan machine

Features include:
* Highest Quality Sleep Fan Noise.
* Box fan Noise Sounds / White Noise.
* Keeps fan noise running in background.
* 6 Soothing High Quality Fan Noise Sounds / White Noise.
* Fan sounds at 3 speed levels (high, medium and low).
* Configurable timer to turn the fan off.
* Intuitive Spinning Fan animation.
* No background noise, just clean fan sounds.
* Quiet and loud fans.
* Infinite playback.
* White noise fan sound works fast and offline.
* Free bonus sounds like Air conditioner, boiling kettle.
* Sounds like Vacuum cleaner, juicer, hair dryer, washing machine and shower can be unlocked using purchase.

Add following sounds and create your own mix.
* Piano
* Flute
* Universe
* Rain
* Thunder
* Ocean
* Fire
* Night
* Wind
* Forest
* Brook
* Snow

Calm & Relax your mind with relaxing white noises:
A lot of people consider white noise to be annoying. But in reality, there are several benefits. First of all, noise simulates sleep sounds and helps replacing bedtime fan. That’s because sleep sounds like fan noise can be useful to mask troublesome environmental noise, cancel out traffic or blower noise. As a result you will remain relaxed for a longer time. Additionally white noise improves productivity and concentration. So if you want to improve your focus, this white noise sleep fan app is worth a try.

Many people rely on the sound of their fan to help them fall asleep quickly. But the problem is that you can't always have your fan with you. But you have your Android mobile phone with you most of the time !! So if you download this sleep fan noise generator app then you have the noise of your fan with you wherever you are!

Usage notes:
For a better experience, We recommend the use of headphones or earphones to listen to the fan noise sleep sounds. Users can also use this fan app in the background and with other apps to listen to bed time fan sounds.

Get a better sleep with Fan Noise - Bedtime fan sounds. Download a bedtime fan app for FREE for sleep aid.

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