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Catch Phrase is the perfect party game for your Christmas dinner Download Catch Phrase : Houseparty Game Mod in Games Word

Looking for a Thanksgiving Party Game ? You found the right one.

Catchphrase is a fun, hilarious and spooktacular guessing game that Jimmy Fallon plays on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The goal of this fun thanksgiving game Catchphrase is to get your partner to guess the word by giving him/her verbal and physical clues and not to be the person holding the device when the timer goes off.

Catchphrase Game Major Features

• More than 100,000 + words / phrases
• Small download size
• Special Thanksgiving holiday category
• Play offline with 4 friends or hundreds of them
• Change the time of each round
• Add your own words
• Play and keep score in team mode
• Fun for all ages
• Free word game to play
• The game doesn't need wifi
• Multiple Decks/Categories to choose from

Catch phrase is a fun thanksgiving holiday party game that you can play with your friends. Catchphrase can be played in groups of 4, 6 or 8. Catchphrase has the maximum thanksgiving spirit and the best parts of all other games - the urgency of musical chairs, the physical gestures of charades, the verbal clues of pyramid or password.

Catchphrase rules & How to play it in Thanksgiving party

Have everyone sit in a circle and select the Thanksgiving deck. Every second person is on the same team.

The goal of the game is to get your teammate to guess the word without using
-- The word or any part of it
-- Any Rhyming Words

If your team is able to complete the thanksgiving word search and guesses the word correctly, pass the device to the person on your right (which is of the other team).

Tap on the screen to get the next word
Continue passing the device until the timer runs out.

The team holding the device when the buzzer beeps looses.

The words could be anything ranging from movie titles, song titles, objects to professions and action.

There are different variation in which you can play this game

As thanksgiving charades

-- The basic rules of the charades applies
-- Instead of saying out clues try to act them out

As helloween heads up

- Instead of you viewing the word you put the device on your head and your partner has to make you guess the word
- If you guess the word then you pass the device to the next player

Are you tired of looking for group games online to make your Thanksgiving night party game more happening?
Then look no further, download this thanksgiving party game and become a party master.

This is a great indoor party game for all kinds of parties. Be it a birthday party, engagement party, wedding party, kitty party, thanksgiving horror night game party or an office party you can play this game everywhere. Be it a party game to play with your friends or a game to play at a picnic with your family, catch phrase is the ultimate dose of fun. Just like cards against humanity get ready to bring your nasty side to life.

Multiple Decks to choose from
✔ Thanksgiving
✔ Animal Kingdom
✔ Objects
✔ Actions
✔ Anime
✔ Birds
✔ Brands
✔ Careers
✔ Cartoons
✔ Celebrities
✔ Emojis
✔ Fashion
✔ Fictional Characters
✔ Games
✔ Geography
✔ Food and Kitchen Items
✔ Marvel
✔ Movies and TV Series
✔ Sports
✔ Superheroes
✔ Youtubers

This product is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro or the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and should not be confused with their product, Catchphrase.

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