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Pink Doll Granny. Baby House scary horror game. Solve a mystery of granny house Download Pink Doll Granny. Baby House Mod in Games Adventure

Granny has moved to a new pink doll house, and she is damn good at terrifying her new neighbors. Now, granny is very rich, so she has bought a luxurious pink doll house with a large territory. Granny resembles a doll, too: she wears a lovely pink dress and makes rejuvenating procedures to look as young as a baby. And her bat is now yellow because it is made of pure gold.
Nobody knows what is going on in granny’s expensive mansion, but everyone can hear cries and a dreadful laugh at night. The police are afraid of inspecting this horror place, and no one is bold enough to get inside the scary pink doll house. It is a two-storey mansion with a fireplace, a big kitchen, and a huge garage that accommodates four yellow cars.
The second storey of granny’s pink mansion contains four bedrooms with secret passages and rooms. Some rooms are closed with large locks, behind which granny keeps her terrible secrets. Play the Pink Doll Granny. Baby House game and solve the secrets of evil granny who has rejuvenated like a baby.
You are to reveal all the mysteries of the pink mansion and find a way out from the doll house of granny. In the evenings, neighbors can notice how granny flies in her yellow helicopter in an unknown direction, and while she is away, you have a chance to take a look around granny’s pink doll house.
Be careful because granny can return at any time, and it will get very tough on you. Her eyes are insane, her voice is frightful. Everyone who sees granny always begins to cry. Although now granny looks like a pretty doll, her character has not changed. She is looking for a baby who will forever become her grandson.
The location of the Pink Doll Granny. Baby House game has everything to lead a luxurious lifestyle, including a tennis court, two swimming pools with fountains, and even a yellow sports car – a dream of every famous doll. From a distance, the house looks like a beautiful doll house: it is all pink and cute. But this is an illusion because it is inside the lovely pink doll house where crazy granny plays horror games with every baby who comes to visit her.
Try to find the necessary tools using which you can solve all the mysteries in the granny’s house. You will need everything: axes, hammers, master keys, dolls, and a pink key. Break the boxes and open the cabinets. You have several lives to find a way out and unveil all the secrets of doll granny in a pink dress.
Pink Doll Granny. Baby House is a scary horror game where you need to run and hide. Fighting with granny is useless because she is young like a baby now, meaning she is extremely fast and strong. Try to play the game in different modes. It is a block-style game that will give you tons of thrills.
In the ghost mode, granny will not be able to see you, and you will not experience screamers and horror sounds that are typical for a normal game mode. It is a horror game, so download it at your own risk and peril!

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