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Flexible dice roller for tabletop wargames such as Warhammer 40k & Age of Sigmar Download RollHammer: Battle Dice Apk in Apps Tools

RollHammer: Battle Dice is a dice rolling tool that seamlessly replaces physical dice for your tabletop wargame. Built for speed and flexibility, this is the most intuitive, fully-featured, tactile, and efficient dice rolling app ever created for a mobile device. RollHammer is designed with the most complex dice rolling rules in mind and has been optimized for tabletop wargames such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Kill Team - casual or competitive play.

Features Include:
- Easy input for adding any amount of dice to the cup for rolling (no keyboard required).
- Roll anywhere from 1 - 1000+ dice.
- Ability to roll dice one at a time or all at once.
- Automatically sorts dice into 6 rows (by value).
- Re-roll dice of any value with a simple tap or swipe.
- Delete dice of any value with a simple tap or swipe.
- A 'Last Roll' Button immediately repopulates dice of any value with a single tap.
- Move dice to a 'Side Pool' to keep track of for later use.
- Manipulate one die at a time by tapping on a dice group (single selection mode).
- A pleasurable, tactile dice roller with real dice sound effects.
- Dozens of unique dice themes to personalize your gaming experience.

Coming Soon:
Battle Mode - connect to your opponent’s device, taking turns rolling and streaming your results to one another in real time.
Ordered Mode - Organize dice by the order in which they were rolled; assign order to dice rolled at the same time.
Luck-O-Meter - Track your average dice rolls during and across games.
More Dice Themes - New colors and dice themes will be added regularly, make sure to check for updates.

Whether you're rolling one or one-hundred dice, RollHammer: Battle Dice is the fastest way to play. Get an edge on your opponent by downloading this dice roller today!


Rollhammer: Battle Dice is an essential tool as a 40k dice roller. All of the dice rolled in a game of Warhammer can done with this app. RollHammer also supports other wargames such as Age of Sigmar (AoS) - the dice rolling works the same. It also works as a Kill Team dice roller and is just as fast.

RollHammer: Battle Dice remains completely free to use; it's solely supported by aesthetic dice themes for sale in the store. When you purchaser a dice skin, you can roll dice that represent the army that you are playing. You can swap between different dice skins easily by selecting the dice you want to roll in your collection. Most of the dice available to purchase are in a grimdark style inspired by the Warhammer universe.

The dice results are completely random using modern algorithms without bias. RollHammer is not a physics based simulator, it is an animated random number generator. The app is recommended for competitive play due to its speed and reliability. The app has been used in many Warhammer 40k ITC tournaments. Tell your Tournament Organizers to contact me if they have any questions.

Enjoy this dice roller and share it with your Warhammer 40k, AoS, and Kill Team friends! Good luck and roll high!

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