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The perfect tool for both the hobbyist or expert in metal detecting! Download Treasure Logger - Metal detect Apk in Apps Tools

Treasure Logger is intended for those who use metal detectors, both advanced users and beginners. It allows you to record your detections on the map completely privately, including an image, name, description and score to determine the importance of the treasure. It also allows you to track the route you are taking, in order to know in detail where you have passed with the metal detector, verify the areas that you are missing and which have been the areas with the greatest possibility of finding new treasures. All data is stored privately and encrypted, no one else will be able to see your findings or routes.

When you mark the find on the map, you can include a little classification, determining if it's just tinfoil or good treasure. In this way it is easier to carry out an analysis of the area and see which are the areas where there was activity and more frequently the possibility of finding treasures with the metal detector. On the other hand, it also allows you to upload an image of the find along with a description, so with a simple touch on the map you can remember what you found, when and where. Finally, you can finish detailing the find through a name and a description to remember in the future the details of it or how it was found, as well as its initial state of conservation.

The route log option is useful to know where you have gone with great accuracy and later check if you have left any area unexplored with the metal detector. Once the registration is finished you can save it by activating or deactivating it in the future on the map. In this way, if you go back to a site where you have already frequented, you can activate all the routes that you registered in that site so as not to repeat the areas already prospected. On the other hand, once the route is finished, the points can be deleted or modified if they have been registered inadvertently. And all this with the minimum battery consumption, since you can choose what type of detailed tracing you want the app to carry out, from a frequency of 10 seconds to 60 seconds.

This tool also has the possibility of configuring the map layer to be able to adapt to the user's vision and the moment, as well as its color, relief of the landscape or descriptions. In this way there will be no rival if it is sunny, rainy, you are on the beach, field or mountain!

On the other hand, it is also possible to import old map layers (image file) from your device through an easy editor where you can zoom, rotate, change the position and modify the transparency. In this way you can add all the maps you want to the app and be able to compare it in real time with your routes and findings, so it will be much easier to know where you are going or if there was a building in the past! It is also compatible with other types of maps, such as cartographic, LiDAR, war, etc.

All registered treasures are made privately and only you can see them, privacy and security for us is the most essential! But if you want to share what you find to the rest of the community for future research, you have the possibility of uploading the find publicly (and anonymously), thus being able to help other detectorists to know what finds are in each site or even discard an area because it has already been prospected.

Recommended for use with top metal detectors including Garrett, Minelab, Fisher, Coiltek, Detech, Nokta Makro, XP (deus or ORX) and more.

This app will need location permission to get the position where you found the treasure and check if there are others around you, background location access permission to track your way and check missing places to visit and photo/storage permission to take or select graphic information of the discovery to register. This app is not compatible with Tect O Trak.

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