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Privacy. Security. Anonymity. Download xPal Ultra Secure Messenger Apk in Apps Social

xPal is a Secure Encrypted Messenger app. Members gets a unique 9-digit xID that allows them to securely and anonymously text, audio/video call any other xID in the world. All this through the end-to-end encrypted xPal Platform. No phone number or personal info is associated with your account, nor is registration required, making communication totally anonymous, secure and private.

The xID does not use any area or country codes. All chats and calls within the xPal Platform are end-to-end encrypted for ultimate security and privacy. All data is encrypted at rest on the user’s phone as well and is only decrypted when the user authenticates into xPal. NO data is stored on xPal servers.

Just 2 easy steps: chose a username and set a PIN code. No need for a cell number or email to get a free xID. Invite your friends & family to get their own xIDs and begin securely communicating with each other from anywhere in the world.

We DO NOT access your phone’s contacts. We DO NOT ask for, collect, trace or store any data or personal information (not your name, phone number, photo id, location). Also, you decide whether to accept calls from any xID or ONLY from those in your xPal contacts.

Terminate™ Feature
SINGLE MESSAGE OR ENTIRE CONVERSATION ERASE from all participants – Delete any single text message, an entire conversation or chat history, on your device or from all participants so that no trace is left behind. Deleting entire conversations include deleting the other party’s conversation with you on their device as well. It’s also the ability to delete your entire contact info and history from the other party’s phone.

Flicker™ Mode
DISAPPEARING MESSAGES – Can be enabled on a per-chat basis. Use this security feature to automatically delete messages from both sender and receiver devices after a preset length of time after they are seen. You choose the life of the message, from 5 seconds to a day.

Total Wipeout™
REVERSE PIN FOR IMMEDIATE RESET PROTECTION – When you need a quick and total reset, use our exclusive one-step Reverse PIN security feature to permanently delete all your xPal message history on ALL devices. This includes all messages sent to others, as well as their own conversations with you, from their phones. This feature will also instantly block/mask your contacts, just like having a clean slate.

Photo & Video Distiller™
Built into xPal, this feature automatically strips all metadata from shared media before it is encrypted and sent. This protects all users from anyone else receiving shared media and accessing location, device information, or other metadata that could be stored in photos and

PIN RE-AUTHENTICATION is used every time the xPal is closed, the screen is locked, or the user’s phone is turned off. Can be temporarily disabled for 12-hours.

ADDITIONAL XIDs – Purchase additional xIDs if you want extra accounts for different tasks or to keep around/dispose of later. Switch between them with the same level of security.

‣ Pictures and Videos are protected and cannot be downloaded or copied
‣ Alert is sent if a screenshot of your chat is taken
‣ Block any xID
‣ Two-Step Verification
‣ Group Messaging
‣ Biometric Authentication

xPal never stores information about our users so we have no information to offer or give to any agency. There is simply no information that can ever be sold to anyone. xPal exists to support everyone’s right to privacy, anonymity, and freedom of expression!

We are proud to announce that our mobile application has undergone a rigorous Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) conducted by DEKRA, a trusted and independent security evaluation provider. The MASA badge on our Google Play Store listing symbolizes our commitment to user trust and the security of personal information.

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What is new in version 4.1.6

Faster Registration
Enhanced Interface
Added Features for Control over chat history
Ability to send encrypted PDF