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Mobile Print will print PDF's, photos and web pages to OKI LED printers. Download Mobile Print Apk in Apps Tools

The Mobile Print application by OKI will print PDFs, photos and web pages from your tablet or smartphone to OKI printers and multi-function devices (MFPs). Print to OKI printers and MFPs via your wireless or wired LAN. OKI Mobile Print application also provides adjustments to enhance your images before printing.

[Main function]
Print from the Web.
You can easily print web pages via the app.

Print photos
Choose single or multiple photos from the application’s gallery stored on your device.

On MFPs with WSD scan, you can scan a document to the application and preview it.

Web Page
You can display web page of the device to check and set the status.

Connect to OKI’s support website and search for solutions to your OKI product related questions by keywords or phrases.

[Other functions]
Consumables status display
Select a print file
Selectable file format

- MC862, MC861, MC860, MC852, MC851, MC780, MC770, MC760, in the scanning function of this application is not available.
- If you want to print files in Office format you have to connect to Google Drive with your Google Account.

Target model, please see below.
B401, B411, B412, B431, B431+, B431S, B432, B4400, B4500, B4600, B512, B721, B731, B801, B820, B821, B840, B841, C321, C331, C332, C531, C532, C542, C610, C610DM, C610DN2, C612, C650, C711, C711DM, C712, C811, C813, C822, C823, C824, C831, C831DM, C833, C834, C835, C841, C843, C844, C910, C910DM, C911, C911DM, C931, C931DP, C941, C941DP, C942, C942DP, ES3452 MFP, ES4131, ES4132, ES4161 MFP, ES4172LP MFP, ES4191 MFP, ES4192 MFP, ES5112, ES5162 MFP, ES5162LP MFP, ES5431, ES5432, ES5442, ES5462 MFP, ES5463 MFP, ES5473 MFP, ES6410, ES6410DM, ES6412, ES6450, ES7131, ES7411, ES7412, ES7470 MFP, ES7480 MFP, ES8140, ES8431, ES8431DM, ES8433, ES8434, ES8441, ES8443, ES8451 MFP, ES8451+ MFP, ES8453 MFP, ES8460 MFP, ES8461 MFP, ES8461+ MFP, ES8462 MFP, ES8463 MFP, ES8473 MFP, ES8483 MFP, ES9410, ES9410DM, ES9411, ES9431, ES9541, ES9542, MB441, MB451, MB461, MB461+LP, MB471, MB472, MB491, MB491+LP, MB492, MB562, MC332, MC342, MC352, MC362, MC363, MC562, MC563, MC573, MC760, MC770, MC780, MC843, MC851, MC851+, MC852, MC853, MC860, MC861, MC861+, MC862, MC863, MC873, MC883, ML910PS, Pro9431, Pro9431DM, Pro9431Env, Pro9541, Pro9541Env, Pro9542, Pro9542Env

Target mobile device
・ Android 8.0 - 13

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