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Kaleidoscopic fractals and Solfeggio tones create a coherent molecular form Download Insight Water Harmonizer Apk in Apps Health & Fitness

Transforms and improves the molecular structure of any liquid (like water) by re-energizing the structure of water using sacred geometrical kaleidoscopic fractal images as well as sacred energetic audio frequencies.

Place the liquid on top of your device and allow the app to harmonize your water for a full 3 minutes.

During the 3 minutes your water will be subjected to the 528Hz Love Frequency as per the Solfeggio Tones.

Furthermore the infra red signals will transmit the Fractal Energy into the water to create a coherent structure improving the taste and ability for the body to absorb the water more efficiently.

Uses audio frequencies and fractal images to harmonize any liquid. Stimulates your liquid with harmonized Solfeggio tones.

Harmonizes any liquid using fractals.

Place the liquid container on top of your mobile device and allow the liquid to become harmonized via the infra red frequencies generated from the screen as well as the Solfeggio audio frequencies.

Fractals will help to normalize the water by creating a coherent water structure. This app is partly based on the work of Dr. Maseru Emoto’s work.

Place the water on top of your device for 3 minutes and allow the kaleidoscopic fractal images to be transmitted to the water.

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