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The best games to treat amblyopia Download Amblyo Mobile Mod in Games Casual

The lazy eye or amblyopia, is the most frequent reason of loss of vision among children and young people in developed countries and affects, approximately, 3% of the population. It happens as a result of inadequate brain processing, because one of the eyes does not communicate well with the brain (it can be due to multiple causes such as strabismus, differences in gradation between both eyes, anisometropia, aniseiconía, congenital cataracts) not reaching the optimal visual acuity , nor using the best optical correction. Which causes the weaker eye to be suppressed by the stronger eye. People with lazy eye do not have a developed percepcle of depth. It is very important to correct this visual defect during childhood (before 7 or 8 years), because if it is passed, the patient can completely lose the vision of the eye that does not use.

The treatment for amblyopia is to force to use the lazy eye. The most popular is for the child to wear the 'good' eye patch for several hours every day for a few weeks or months. Once childhood is over, there is nothing to do for lack of cerebral plasticity. However, game has been found to be effective at treating adult amblyopia, also known as 'lazy eye', according to new researchs. The information of the game is shared by both eyes, forcing them to cooperate. Patients who played with both eyes experienced a significant improvement in their vision of the weaker eye after only two weeks. By making both eyes cooperate, the amblyopic brain is able to relearn as a result of an increase in the level of plasticity in the brain.

These games can help you. With the right settings, applications can force the brain to use both eyes simultaneously to teach the brain proper image processing. Each part of the image is filtered only by one of the two eyes and this is achieved through a color filtering by putting on anaglyph glasses. Always make sure that only one of the eyes can see the left or right color. Playing the game requires that information be sent to both eyes to work cooperatively.

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