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Brain Training for Better Focus and a Calmer Mind Download FocusCalm Brain Training Apk in Apps Health & Fitness

Now it's easier than ever to train your brain for better focus and a calmer mind.

Your brain is like a muscle...with training, you can make it stronger and better able to handle the stress and pressure in your life. Sleep, relationships, productivity, and even your performance at work, school, and in sports are all affected by your mental state.

But you CAN learn how to get control of your mindset and manage feelings of stress, no matter how crazy life gets.

FocusCalm trains your brain to enter a powerful state of mind that is focused, engaged, aware, and mindful, without the stress that makes you feel poorly.


In a recent study by the FocusCalm team, users who completed 25 exercises in the app had a 21% improvement in their feelings of well-being as reported on the respected WHO Wellness Index.

For many years, studies have shown that neurofeedback training like the exercises in FocusCalm can literally change the way your brain works. Through the power of neurofeedback, you can learn how to control your mental state.

FocusCalm's games, activities, and exercises are developed by neuroscientists, sports psychologists, and physicians to help teach you how to manage your mindset, while our lightweight, wearable EEG (electroencephalogram) headband accurately shows you how well you're doing in real-time (sold separately).


Meditation apps help you relax and unwind. FocusCalm does more.

It starts with your FocusCalm score...a real-time display of your brain activity on a scale from 0 - 100. A low score means your brain is active or stressed. A high FocusCalm score means your brain is calm and tranquil.

Through our meditations and expert-developed content, FocusCalm helps you LEARN how to put your mind in a FocusCalm state. Then, with our games and activities, you PRACTICE getting into that state more quickly, consistently and deeply. Over time, as you improve your skills, you can then CHALLENGE yourself to keep your FocusCalm high as you perform mental tasks that simulate stressful or difficult situations in life.


FocusCalm is a wearable that you wear only when you're using the app. Our programs are quick 15 minute sets of exercises designed to help you reach a goal:

• Getting energized for the day
• A quick break during stressful times
• Gently winding down after a stressful day
• Preparing for sleep
• Gearing up for athletic competition or a big meeting


Like any skill, FocusCalm is all about practice. FocusCalm provides detailed results after each exercise so you can see a variety of metrics about your performance:

• Depth - Measures your peak FocusCalm score to indicate how calm your brain became during an exercise or meditation.
• Consistency - Shows the percentage of time during the exercise that you were able to keep your FocusCalm score above 65.
• Speed - Indicates how quickly you were able to reach a score above 65 in the exercise.
• FocusCalm Minutes - The length of time you spent in a FocusCalm state. Like a goal of 10,000 steps, 7 minutes in FocusCalm has been shown to have positive benefits in your life.

FocusCalm tracks all of these metrics on your profile so you can see your progress over time.


• Available at link Link is Here
• Bluetooth connection is quick, reliable and simple
• Lightweight and comfortable so you can use it anytime
• Accurately monitors up to 1200 EEG data points per second
• Up to 8 hours of use on a single charge


FocusCalm saves your meditation data to the Apple Health app.

FocusCalm Subscription plans for full access to the App:

- FocusCalm Annual Subscription: $ link Link is Here (12 month)
- FocusCalm Monthly Subscription: $9.99 (1 month)

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